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FOX News
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
: what about making republicans more efficient. what happened to you, you lost the election you lost your backbone? >> i don't believe so. i certainly have you. if you are talking about the fiscal cliff, back in 2003 they made tax cuts temporary. they extended the temporary nature come two years but come january 1st income tax was going up. so this was protecting 99% of americans. republicans wanted to protect every american. we didn't want to see taxes increased on anybody. we didn't have that option. all we could do because president obama demanded the taxes were going up for some americans. >> neil: for this whole kubuki theater was silly? >> the house passed extension past august. harry reid refused to bring it up. president owes congress a report because medicare is spending out of the general fund 45% what it is paid for benefits. that required by law and 15 days after he submits a budget he has to submit a report to fix it. four years he hasn't done that. we should be demanding of this president to follow lawsuit on. >> neil: you voted for this cliff deal in the senate. do you thin
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
on and where is your backbone in spending cuts. you have folks saying, you have to realize elections have consequences. the president won. this to say beyond justifying tax hikes, it justified no spending cuts. i don't think that is the americanss saw it. they won't see the math here that hurts democrats and republicans alike if something isn't done? >> here is the question i think the president knows well that this is the question. is california the model we're going to follow? they are $165 billion to $335 billion in debt. they say they might have a surplus because they raised taxes, but in fact, $5.2 billion of that $6 billion a year is going to debt service alone. they are sort of swimming in debt. the other states are adding jobs and doing pretty well and i would add, many people argue against texas they are not spending enough on services. when it comes to education, they are in some cases, spending less money and across hispanic, white and black pop liaghz they are out performing california and out performing the national average. >> neil: bottom line. >> they are getting better re
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
it in some perspective, the president was elected the first time in 2008 because we were in a major economic crisis. of course headed into the recession, no end in sight. everyone felt we were in freefall, the unemployment rate in january 2009,, 7.8%. four years later after a trillion spent trying to boost the economy into vigor, 7.8%. and that's the official unemployment raid, which is a fraction of the actual unemployment rate. brake down even further, take the african-american unemployment rate? it's twice the white unemployment rate. this under a president who is -- has set a renewed commitment to civil rights, the justice department civil rights commission, and still this unemployment rate is a disastrous highs. imagine a republican in office staying down the barrel of a -- >> neil: we know that 7.8% isn't great and a jobless claims report like the one we got is hardly anything to whoop about. but i think it's a double ininto itment when the media glosses over that. and i don't kerr it's a democrat or republican in os. office. we didn't gloss over bad numbers or foolhardy -- when presid
FOX News
Jan 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
obstructionist. the reid democrats are telling them they got from the election more were vindicated, nor taxes not more spending cuts. i would agree to far to say the president got the support of americans to go ahead and hike taxes on the rich. i don't subscribe to that view or support that view. nevertheless he probably won and that basis but did not win on any basis to just ignore spending. >> the republicans did win a majority in the house of representatives. if you say the president had a mandate which 50% plus is hardly the mandate. the republicans in congress have a responsibility on. >> neil: did they forget that thing. it is one thing to cave onion issue and maybe because you had to but come on. >> they don't understand the approach of obama of turning them into literally the enemy of the american people. >> neil: $4 billion a day. >> it is time got a back gene. they are cower. they he should be more scared of being primaried and losing their seat. whether they lose to a more conservative republican or democrat they will lose if they don't stand up. they should be a little bit concern
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)